Men's Only Yoga Club Strips Dudes Down to Their Bare Essentials

Don't let clothes restrict you from the deepest of stretches


If you’ve practiced yoga before, you’ve probably experienced the frustration of not being able to get the really deep stretch for which you’re striving. You can feel something holding you back – but have you ever stopped to consider that it might be your clothes? Wait, before you run out and invest hundreds of dollars in some fancy new Lululemon gear to up your yoga game, let me be clear: we’re not talking about better clothes, but rather no clothes.

Skyclad Yoga Club is a Boston-based, men-only (sorry, ladies) group that also holds sessions in Providence. They focus on ancient yoga practices with a unique twist: their classes are all nude. That’s right, if the prospect of doing your child pose as naked as the day your were born terrifies or amuses you, maybe you need to open your mind (and pants) to some new possibilities... man. It’s part of a growing trend around the country of naked yoga studios, which range from unisex (yawn) to co-ed (yowza), but which is decidedly not about titillation or even awkwardness. Practitioners swear that it’s a freeing and, ultimately, comfortable experience that’s about achieving clarity and peace.

Skyclad practices Nagna Yoga (Naked Yoga), the Shatkaria (Yogic cleansing), Pranayama (breath-control) and meditation every Wednesday at noon and 7pm in Olneyville. At least you won’t have to worry whether your yoga pants are see-through anymore. 120 Manton Ave.