Food News

Keep on Truckin’

Bring an appetite and your best dance moves to the PawSox Food Truck & Craft Beer Festival in Pawtucket


Rhode Islanders love their food trucks, and if the PawSox Food Truck & Craft Beer Festival was just a bunch of vehicular kitchens arranged in a circle, people would already be lining up for tacos and hot dogs. Strolling down the line of trucks is one of the best ways to sample our state’s culinary range, and you’re encouraged to eat multiple meals in a single sitting. But don’t forget the craft beer; a slew of local breweries should make the festival twice as fun.

Then there’s the venue, McCoy Stadium, which is perfect, because snacks and baseball go together like stars and stripes. And although there isn’t an actual baseball game scheduled, you can expect to see some PawSox players in the crowd.

As if that weren’t enough, the stadium will throb with live music and old-school hip hop videos will be projected on the jumbotron, which should turn the event into a massive dance party.

The festival is hosted by, a Providence-based network that has registered more than 7,000 food trucks in 1,500 cities across the country. The standard ticket is $20, which grants you a $5 voucher for any truck, ten two-ounce drink tickets, and (best of all) two flex tickets for the PawSox 2019 season – so even if you don’t get to see any pitches the day of the festival, the whole experience should be a grand slam. September 15, McCoy Stadium, Pawtucket.