Influencer: Nigel Fubara

Talking traveling, portraiture, and cool places in Rhode Island with this property-flipping photog


A signature element of your style is breathtaking portraits that seem to tell a story. What inspires this?

I’m a people watcher. I love the energy of personality and style, so I try to capture a person’s essence and character in the pose, the light, the tone, the color. I want to make sure the photo tells their story.


How did your passion for photography start?

Having left a career as a music engineer and then gone into real estate development, I found myself craving an artistic outlet. My friends Myke Yeager and Justin Case suggested photography. I also create laser-cut, multi-layer, backlit sculptures. And when I’m not doing that, I’m house-flipping.


A peek on your Instagram account (@zoomedia) shows that you are quite the adventurer. When you are not in the Ocean State, what are your favorite places to explore?

I love the water, so you will find me in beach towns and cities: Barcelona; Sosua, Dominican Republic; Phuket, Thailand. But above all I love to adventure with my bride and discover new places. Next up on our list is the Mykonos, Porto, and the Cape Verde islands.


What are some Providence businesses you love?

Needle and Thread on Peck Street, La Gran Parada on Broad, Tea and Sahara on Governor, 148 Pavilion Bar & Lounge, and AS220.


Any favorite spots to set up your camera around the city?

I don’t think I have a favorite… Providence is overflowing with so many great spots. The energy of downtown, the wistfulness of Waterplace Park, the vibrancy of Broad Street, the stately quiet of the East Side. Providence will give you whatever you need as a backdrop for the story you are trying to tell.


Do you have any tips for new photographers wanting to perfect their portrait skills?

Tell a story. Forget about the equipment and focus on the story you’re telling with the photo.


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