Influencer: Aarin Bernard Clemons

Brand & Culture Director at Courtland Club


What do you wear to feel most comfortable?

I’ve been a bit of a chameleon over the years when it comes to personal style, but comfort and fun with seasonality has always been a constant. A good pair of tapered denim is a year-round staple, and socks – which add playful color and texture combinations.

Is there an item of clothing you always wear?

I’m known as “the guy with the hat.” Truly, I’ve been introduced for an award as such. I enjoy brimmed hats and have more than I should, but I love color coordination and the ease of classing up a fun outfit with one.

Can you tell us what you do at Courtland Club?

Most days, my job consists of making friends. We are a very intimate venue and making our guests feel like they’ve come to visit a friend is important to our experience. It’s my job to lead our staff through the daily operation of our bar, educate the outside world about our experience, and ensure that those two things receive attention and energy in equal measure.

What makes Courtland Club so appealing?

We are open to the public, but with a great set of services and opportunities for members to be a part of something a bit larger than having a great drink. Which is of course at the heart of why one would come here – to be a part of something – and to know what’s behind the door with no sign.

What do you love about Providence? 

The city is an ever-growing and ever-evolving collection of people with new ideas and old dreams. I love the heartbeat of the city and everything that percolates beneath the surface. On my days off, I enjoy visiting Bolt Coffee, Music Research Library, and The East End for a late lunch. The only thing better is spending the entire day with my son, which consists of the same things, but includes KNEAD Doughnuts and pizza.


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