How Dennise Kowalczyk Empowers Businesses to Transform Their Marketing

From nonprofit professional to multi-passionate creative, the CTD Creative Consulting founder shares her strategies for building success


Dennise Kowalczyk describes herself as an "accidental entrepreneur," a title that describes her unexpected journey into business ownership. Despite lacking a formal degree and coming from a family with no entrepreneurial pursuits, Kowalczyk’s innate creativity and determination frequently prompted her to challenge conventional practices during her tenure in traditional employment.

Following a relocation and the end of her job contract, Kowalczyk faced a critical choice: return to the familiar employment path or elevate her side-hustle consulting gig to a legitimate business venture. She opted for the latter, establishing CTD Creative Consulting, where she channels her multifaceted creative interests into initiatives such as Cocktails & Conversations, ShePVD, and Dames Who Dine.

Kowalczyk’s expertise lies in online and relationship marketing strategies tailored to business growth. She understands that business transactions are fundamentally human interactions and emphasizes cultivating the “know, like, trust” factor. Her Relationship First™ Approach connects marketing with sales strategy, highlighting that the role of marketing is to raise awareness and attract leads, while sales focuses on converting those leads into paying customers. By prioritizing the human element in marketing, she enables businesses to forge authentic relationships that lead to valuable referrals.

Many small businesses struggle to differentiate between marketing and sales, often stretching themselves too thin by trying to implement every recommended tactic without taking into account their individual circumstances. Through her variety of services, Kowalczyk demystifies comprehensive marketing strategies by breaking them down into practical steps. 

Kowalczyk believes that relationships are the bedrock of effective marketing. By streamlining their marketing approach, businesses can generate a consistent flow of referrals. Her ultimate goal is to help small businesses leverage the power of human connections in the digital landscape, nurturing a thriving community of customers and partners. For more information, visit


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