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With its close proximity to Brown, RISD, Moses Brown, and Wheeler School, Thayer Street is like Providence’s own Harvard Square – a commercial area filled with culture, coffee, and an intellectual vibe. The College Hill street is always bustling with people of all ages and the air is a spicy mix of aromas from its many restaurants and cafes. This thoroughfare has had many lives, and while students, yuppies, and punks may come and go, certain beloved mainstays keep it recognizable as a trendy street even to old-timers. Along with Andrea’s and the Avon, Spectrum-India is one of those businesses. Established in 1967 as Emporium India, Spectrum-India has always been a vibrant marketplace of colorful unique goods. Shoppers will find everything from Bindis to bangles to belly-dancing outfits, tapestries, candles, and hats, along with most anything else you can think of to add boho appeal to your life.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Quartz Singing Bowl

Tongue Drum

Kalimba (Thumb Piano)

Comfy Fashion

Spectrum-India252 Thayer Street


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