Hold the Turkey: LivPrepared Puts a Vegan Spin on Thanksgiving

Vegan meal-prep service reinvents Thanksgiving’s main course


Thanksgiving conjures a spread of roasted turkey, candied marshmallow-crusted yams, and gravy-slathered stuffing for many, but doesn’t leave too much room on the table for anything plant-based or low-carb. The nutrition gurus Olivia Barbero and Riva Leal behind LivPrepared know the vegan plight of BYOS (bring your own sides) when it comes to holiday gatherings. This year, they’re bringing some creative solutions to the table – whether you’re looking to substitute a few staples or fill the other days of November with lean eats.

The duo explains this is their first time delivering Thanksgiving-themed offerings since starting the business just over a year ago. Their dedication to helping folks take the first steps toward healthy habits has always been a goal – and the foundation behind opening LivPrepared, their vegan meal-prep service. “We like to focus on the things we can eat to feel good and adding new ingredients to familiar favorites, combining powerful superfoods with traditional comfort meals,” Barbero explains. “Our hope is to open people’s eyes to how delicious plant-based foods can be while providing them convenient nutrition!” Their ready-to-eat meals, available for delivery statewide, take the stress out of nutritious cooking in a crunch.

For Thanksgiving, the main course is a creative meat-free take on turkey with traditional-style gravy: “We plan to offer both family-size portions to support plant-based families as well as individual plates for those of us who usually end up eating just sides on the holidays!” Classics like green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes will be offered alongside almond butter maple-balsamic glazed brussel sprouts and butternut squash. 


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