Get The Inside Scoop on Wright’s Dairy Farm’s Test Batch Club

Help the bakery and creamery choose winning flavors for this year’s pie-themed ice cream


Many of our favorite local ice cream shops close during the winter in anticipation of sunnier days, but the slush, snow, and Nor’easters don’t intimidate Wright’s Dairy Farm & Bakery. On the contrary, their creamery  amps up production each January to make new and exclusive ice cream flavors for members of their Test Batch Club. 

“Wright’s Test Batch Club is an exclusive interactive membership club that gives ice cream fans the opportunity to contribute to our ever-evolving ice cream offerings,” explains Kelly Lemoine, director of sales and marketing at the farm. Members who sign up to be a part of the club will receive exclusive access to small-batch flavors to taste-test and provide feedback via online surveys. 

Some flavors will never make it from the Test Batch Club to the shelves, while others have gone on to be wildly popular and successful, like Tractor Tracks: vanilla ice cream with caramel swirl, crushed peanut butter cups, and Oreo pieces. That was a flavor from the 2022 club that made it to the year-round menu. Coffee Oatmeal Cookie, Tiramisu, Oreo Cheesecake, Nutella, and Cannoli are flavors from previous years’ Test Batch Clubs that get rotated in seasonally.  

The 2024 Test Batch Club memberships are on sale through the end of December, with the tastings beginning January 10 and running for 13 straight weeks, one pint a week. Members can pick up their pints at one of three locations: North Smithfield, Providence, or Warren. The upcoming season is the first ever themed Test Batch Club, called “Sweet as Pie!” 

The themed ice cream is “inspired by real pies we’ve baked and sold at our bakery for over 50 years,” Lemoine says, and they use “fresh items right from our bakery to include in the ice cream.” Flavors from this season’s lineup are inspired by Chocolate Cream, Grasshopper, and Whoopie Pie, just to name a few. For more information or to sign up for a membership, visit their website; registration closes at the end of December. 


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