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December 2023


Biscuit shop opens West End brick-and-mortar

If fried chicken and hot honey or country ham and eggs between two fresh-baked biscuit halves is your style of breakfast, a popular pop-up’s new brick-and-mortar will give you something worth waking up early for. Formerly occupying The Tailor Shop space on Broadway every weekend at brunch time since 2020, Irregardless Biscuits is stretching their legs in the former Kitchen, just a few blocks away on Carpenter Street. Owned by James Dean (of Slow Rhode fame) and Joe Hafner, the southern-style breakfast biscuit spot is led by head baker Erin Richer with an aim to “satisfy a taste of home,” says Hafner.

“We are going to continue to offer the breakfast biscuit menu with a few additions, as well as adding some evening hours with new menu items we will announce when we open,” shares Hafner, estimating, at press time, a late November opening. “We had a lot of fun at the space on Broadway and we want to carry over that fun fast-paced atmosphere we had there.” Providence, @irregardlessbiscuit – Abbie Lahmers


Classic sandwiches in Narragansett

A new sandwich shop in Narragansett is taking a back-to-basics approach by focusing on their specialty: delicious sandwiches. “We keep the menu pretty tight, with about eight or nine sandwiches,” says Philip Dimin, who opened The Salty General in August, after moving to Rhode Island with his family. The shop is popular among locals and URI students, and a welcome addition to the north end of the seaside community.

Menu highlights include “the Roast Beef, which has horseradish aioli, cheddar cheese, pickled onions, tomato, and arugula,” says Dimin. “Another is the Calabrese, which is basically our Italian, with a Calabrian chili aioli so it’s got a little heat.” Dimin’s personal favorite is the Mortadella Fritto on 5/8-inch bread, layered with provolone, salt and vinegar chips, and iceberg lettuce, which he describes as “crunchy and delicious.” “A sandwich is not rocket science, but a sandwich with a little extra thought, with really good bread and a really good sauce can be special,” says Dimin. Narragansett, – Ken Abrams


A wine for sipping with pizza expands statewide

Pizza and wine: a match made in heaven. One Rhode Island company is embracing this love affair by offering a new canned beverage called Pizza Wine. The lightly carbonated drink is expanding to restaurants around the state after being piloted earlier this year when chef Robert Andreozzi and mixologist Jesse Hedberg began serving the bubbly beverage at Pizza Marvin in Providence. The team partnered with Elizabeth McDonnell, former owner of Providence’s Fortnight Wine Bar and the branding duo of Bristol native Alaina Andreozzi and Christiana Guzman. “The wine is made from grapes grown in the Finger Lakes (NY) region, called De Chaunac – a really beautiful, juicy, delicious, easy-to-drink wine,” says Andreozzi.

“People who are newer to drinking wine have really responded to Pizza Wine; it’s been an entry point into wine for them,” says Andreozzi. “Reviews have also been strong from industry people, who may be more skeptical of canned wine. We‘ve seen positive feedback across the board.” Look for Pizza Wine to expand into area bars, restaurants, and liquor stores in the coming months. – Ken Abrams



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