Feast & Fettle is Reinventing the Roll

Meal delivery service Feast & Fettle’s fresh lobster kits satisfy coastal cravings all summer long


The essence of the lobster roll is simple: buttery lobster morsels, grilled bun, a squeeze of lemon, a sprinkle of herbs. Something about melt-in-your-mouth lobster fashioned into a portable sandwich makes the concoction magical. A New England staple, you know it’s summer when this decadent sammie starts popping up at seaside shanties, but you won’t have to travel farther than your doorstep for a homemade roll from Feast & Fettle.

Founder Maggie Pearson’s origins as a personal chef carry over to the idea behind Feast & Fettle, a tailored meal-delivery service perfect for families that are too busy to cook or just not that into it – but still get a hankering for something home-cooked. With new seasonal menus that roll out every week, a team of chefs in their East Providence kitchen will do all the prep work for you. Pearson keeps a New England appetite in mind when curating each week’s menu, taking cues from ingredients available from local suppliers while keeping things new and fresh: “I pull from a variety of sources for inspiration when creating a ‘new’ product for Feast & Fettle. I may pull from Instagram, blogs, or cookbooks for inspiration.”

Lobster rolls are a fun new add-on offered throughout the summer, but each week will bring a new twist. Their first roll featured lobster from Andrade’s Catch in Bristol, slathered into a savory salad and served on brioche buns, with a side of buttery corn on the cob. Watch for variations taking a page from Asian cuisine with kimchi compound butter, cold lobster salads with cilantro and pickled veg, and other creative spins. But at its core, you’ve still got the classic Rhody lobster roll we know and love.


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