Downtown in Bloom

Downtown Improvement District begins sixth annual planting program


The Providence Downtown Improvement District’s (DID) mission is to continuously enhance life in downtown Providence. In mid-May, its sixth annual planting program begins, sprucing up Downtown with 274 hanging baskets, 9 open planting areas and 60 sidewalk planters. The project initiatives are to add color and life to the area with purple scaevola, orange and yellow lantana, warm orange geraniums, and potato vines, while removing the actual litter from city streets.

The initiative be spearheaded by DID Operation Manager Frank Zammerelli. A former Commander of the Special Investigations Bureau and Deputy Commander of the Special Services Division within the Providence Police Department with no formal botanical training, he’s had to teach himself using advice and the web to bring about successful planting like last year’s DID project, when the plants lasted until October. Clad in yellow, wielding water sprayers and mounting a newly purchased Ford F-350, Zammerelli’s six-man crew will ensure that Downtown is in full bloom once again..

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