DIY Holiday Door Swag From a Providence Florist 

Make an entrance with this project overflowing with cottagecore charm


No one can deny the classic charm of a wreath, but its looser cousin, the swag, is gaining popularity. A door swag is loosely structured, full of cottagecore charm, and for the DIY-er, not difficult to make. “It's my personal favorite promoter of positivity for the season, greeting you as you arrive at your front door,” professes Angela Rotondo, owner and founder of Providence-based Bloom Back Flowers. In addition to being a full-service florist, Rotondo offers hands-on workshops. Her main advice for getting your swag on? “Use your imagination and even forage in your yard. Then start designing!”


Clear an indoor surface for messy work or take this project outside. 


18-gauge wire (2-4’)

Wired ribbon (3’)

Scissors or clippers

Gardening or work gloves

Greens: Drought-resist greens like evergreen, juniper, eucalyptus, fir tips

Sprigs of berries, real or faux

Dried materials like wheat grasses, cotton pods, pine cones, magnolia leaves


Lay all materials out in front of you.

Bundle greens together and secure by wrapping wire at the base.

Work in dried materials to accent, securing with wire if needed.

Wrap the top with wire, binding all materials together securely so they do not fall once hung. Do a gentle “shake test” to make sure everything is secure.

Create a loop with the end of the wire for hanging.

Once complete, add your bow. Tie a simple bow or search YouTube for fancier techniques.

Enjoy welcoming yourself home to this winter creation handmade by you!


Visit for upcoming workshops. Bloom Back Flowers, 182 Butler Ave, Providence, by appointment only. 


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