Courtland Club Serves up Sorbet Cocktails

Beat the heat with a menu of grown-up ice cream drinks


You’ve ordered a drink neat or on the rocks, dirty or with a zest, and maybe the temptation to ask for your favorite bevvie a la mode has struck before, but now you need not fear being scoffed at for making such a decadent request. Courtland Club, which reopened earlier this summer with the return of bar service – along with savory snacks to enjoy indoors, outside on their patio, or to go – has got you covered. If an evening hasn’t yet taken you to this speakeasy-style joint off of Atwells, it isn’t as exclusive as “club” would have you think, and their spread of craft cocktails takes delightful liberties with the classics, including some house staples recast as sorbets and ice creams. 

Adorned with tiny gold stars to give this dessert a little extra glitz, the Mother Theresa Sorbet is one of several to make it into the summer rotation of frozen treats infused with liquor. With a base of mezcal, ingredients like cassis (blackcurrant), Campari, beet juice, raspberry, and rose water go into this (arguably healthy) tonic, which is frozen to create a dairy-free sorbet. Though served neither up nor in an old-fashioned glass, this saintly treat is without a doubt still a cocktail, but in a more playful form ideal for beating the summer heat.

Watch for their Negroni Sorbet, Piña Colada Ice Cream (made vegan with coconut milk), Watermelon Margarita, and Raspberry Daiquiri, too, and before you know it you’ll be clinking spoons instead of glasses. 


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