Superlatives 2012

Class Overachiever

Bruce Kaplan


With last year’s inaugural class, we established this as the superlative for the person who makes us scratch our heads and wonder, He does what now? In Bruce Kaplan’s case, that (admittedly incomplete) list includes: corporate law, presiding over the Central Falls Public Library’s operational board, developing a fabrication lab within the library, working to bring municipal wi-fi to Central Falls, helping to launch the Fertile Underground grocery co-op in Providence’s West Side, assisting with the creation of community gardens in the South Side and at Dexter Park in the West Side, and his shadowy involvement with something called the Zombie Booze Cruise (which he describes as, “[redacted] on the Blackstone River with [redacted]”). Though his work helping to save the Adams Library in our state’s smallest and most cash-strapped city is what brought Kaplan to our attention, we were astounded to find out just how many projects he’s juggling. What impressed us most, however, is how much fun he seems to be having while he attempts to leave the world (or at least his corner of it) a better place than he found it. “It’s really communal energy that’s going to hold this country together through tough times,” he notes, adding, “So, we might as well enjoy it.”

Central Falls Public Library, Fertile Underground, Zombie Booze Cruise, Bruce Kaplan, Providence Monthly


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