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Bring the Schasteâ Experience Home with Retail Loose-Leaf Teas

A Providence tearoom encourages a mindful approach to your caffeine break


More than a quick caffeine fix, Schasteâ offers a chance to slow down and recenter – at the mercy of a three-minute tea timer. In a world that emphasizes constant activity, owner Tony Lopez shares, “the last thing we really need is more caffeine and more stimulation – there’s a place for that, but also the balancing piece of it is where we want to position ourselves, in more of a mindful, slowed down perspective. We use tea as the tool to do that. At the shop, the timer kind of sets the tone.”

Having forged a retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life in their quaint Providence tearoom on Broadway, now Schasteâ is giving patrons everything they need to bring that experience home. In addition to the 60+ single-origin and herbal tea blends available to pick from or enjoy at the shop, an online store and expanded retail presence makes it easy to steep a selection of Schasteâ’s signature blends anywhere.

“The idea is you can create your own experience,” shares Lopez, whether that means enjoying a menu of complementary crepes during a quiet moment at the tearoom, purchasing a sand timer and teapot from the shop to foster a ritual, or bringing it on the go. “The tins that we offer for retail contain loose-leaf tea, but we package them with filter bags for people to make a cup wherever they are, so they don’t even need the teapot.”

Four tearoom-favorite blends are prepared in house and packaged for retail. “They’re very approachable for the whole spectrum of the tea market,” says Lopez, from connoisseurs to newbies, encompassing a variety of flavors. 

Amor, a floral white tea, steeps nicely hot or iced for a nonalcoholic alternative to bring to summer cookouts. The calming caffeine-free Here & Now comprises lemongrass, tulsi, mint, and chamomile, while Earl Grey Creme is infused with vanilla. For coffee lovers just dipping their toes in the tea world, there’s Awaken. “We blend coffee and oolong tea with white chocolate, vanilla, and hojicha twig tea – the twigs of the tea plant,” says Lopez, creating a toasty, nutty flavor profile.

“Good things take time,” says Lopez. “Tea takes time. Take three minutes and just be present in your life and where you are and what you’re doing.”

Find Schasteâ’s line of loose-leaf products at select Dave’s Fresh Marketplace locations, Blount Clam Shack and Market, and other local markets. Shop their full collection of blends online, available for nationwide shipping. 


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