AutoWerks thinks your safety is critical

Your safety is critical


As the world slowly opens again, we are still pondering how to keep ourselves and loved ones protected. At AutoWerks, this means two things. First, they continue to thoroughly disinfect your car and bill you remotely with touch-free payment after service. Next, they want you to consider replacing your existing car. Many new technologies have appeared that drastically improve your safety and overall driving experience. Lane change/side assistance, multiple cameras, auto braking and other impressive features make driving on our congested bumpy roads more manageable. AutoWerks owner, Bob Moreau, is happy to meet in person or Zoom to discuss options. AutoWerks has even developed a way to choose and purchase a pre-loved vehicle from home. Bob will walk you through the steps, hold your hand and be there to warranty and service your vehicle. Why not take some of that money you saved staying home during COVID and use it to assure you are safe when you are back on the road? Call Bob for a free consultation!

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