A Spa Party

Gather your two best friends for a party with facials, massages, body scrubs and best of all, champagne


Don’t get me wrong: I love spending time in spas. But it often feels like there’s something missing. I love how I feel during and after a spa visit: relaxed, replenished, rejuvenated. I just wish I were sharing that experience with a friend.

That’s why, when Taylor from Eliza Williams Day Spa suggested the idea for a spa party, I jumped at the chance. “Bring two friends with you,” she said. “It’s a really fun way to spend an evening.” Yes, yes and yes.

During the three-hour spa party, we’d each be getting three services: a Dead Sea salt body scrub, massage and express facial. Choosing our services was even harder than choosing who I got to invite to the spa party. Other options, like a body polish, cafe mocha scrub, Dead Sea mud wrap, brown sugar body buff, marine algae wrap and a red French clay wrap, were all tempting – but I wanted us to be able to talk and compare notes about our experiences, so we all got the same.

We walked into Eliza Williams, in the Regency Plaza, on a rainy night, and were immediately guided to a sitting area where there was champagne, a cheese plate and sweets waiting for us. Perfect. We sat, sipped and unwound from the workday while the aestheticians customized our scrubs for us. I picked orange essential oil for my body scrub, and lavender for my massage for an extra dose of relaxation.

First, spa co-owner Taylor took me in for my body scrub. It’s a vigorous whole body scrub, using mineral salts from the Dead Sea that have detoxifying properties, with the added bonus of leaving your skin toned and moisturized.

After, I cleaned off the salt in the super fancy in-room shower, wrapped myself in a robe, and headed back out to the lounge for another glass of champagne and what I thought would be some chatter with my friends. Little did I know that in the post-massage/scrub/facial bliss, we would all be zoned out. The best we could do was murmur a little bit about how great we felt, and head into our next services. Xiomara’s express facial left my skin bright and moisturized, and co-owner Kerry’s massage was the perfect way to end my night.

Afterwards, we sat in the lounge with cucumber water and compared our experiences, and all felt like our services were customized to our bodies’ needs. I discovered later that Taylor and Kerry are massage therapists for the Patriots, so we were quite literally in good hands. Their philosophy of body work is not just that it’s pampering and relaxing, which it definitely is, but that it’s part of a whole body wellness strategy. “Our goal is to have that relaxing spa atmosphere,” Taylor explains, “but also to bring about real therapeutic change when working with injury recovery and prevention. Professional massage and skin care should be a part of everyone’s wellness plan.” After experiencing how good I felt after our spa party – and how much fun we had while pampering ourselves – I’m a believer.

Eliza Williams Day Spa

3 Regency Plaza #2