10 to Watch 2013

10 to Watch for 2013

Our annual list of the movers, shakers and innovators you should get to know in the coming year


Hannah Chung/Aaron Horowitz


Lisa Ranglin

Business/Community Development

James Diossa

Politics/Community Activisim

Christine Lopes


Mim Runey


Peter Marino


Jessica David


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  • Betsy1

    I was really saddened by your 10 to watch for picks this year. I am a life long PPSD teacher. Last year, I invited several of your "10s" to be speakers to my students and that was a great experience.

    The 2 "education" people you picked are carpetbaggers. Don't get me started on RI Can! It is a front for Achievement First... do the research in CT and find out all the interlocking ties between Conn Can and AF.

    As for Dr. Miller Williams, she is an authentic education carpetbagger. Here in RI to add turnaround school experience to her educational resume before moving on to her continued career as an educational consultant. All of the Race to the Top money goes to her salary and the salary of this new layer of administration and charters (i.e Cambium) . None of it goes to students, or to technology for the classroom.

    The school board, for once, balked at paying her salary and the salaries of the other UP administrators. It would be an interesting tale to find out how exactly she is being paid.

    UP will NOT work. No students WANT to go to Alvarez b/c it is on a brownfield, no sports teams and they have to go to school 5 hours /week longer than their peers. IT is the elephant in the room. UP is already manipulating data to justify their existence and salaries.

    UP sure is doing a good job with their PR -- you selected a 3 month resident/carpetbagger to be on your Top"10" list. Based on your awards for this year, you would never know there are hard-working dedicated teachers in Providence. I guess your staff's kids go to private schools...

    Friday, January 4, 2013 Report this

  • LarryW

    I have known Dr. Sheri Miller-Williams for over 13 years and I can say without any reservation that she is undoubtedly one of the hardest working, most dedicated educators that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, both personally and professionally.

    Dr. Miller-Williams entire 22 year career has been devoted to trying to make a difference in the lives of children. As a professional, she has had enviable opportunities to accept more lucrative, higher profile, corporate office senior-level positions, however, in almost every opportunity, she has chosen to take the more challenging, and in some cases, less lucrative positions working to turn-around failing schools in urban school districts in Detroit, Philadelphia, Charleston, New Orleans, and now Providence.

    In several of the school districts where she felt exceptionally strong about the need and opportunity to make a difference, rather than uprooting her family, she commuted between the school district and her home in Houston, TX.

    Dr. Miller-Williams is a strong advocate of establishing adequate opportunities for all students to experience a rigorous academic curriculum, regardless of a student’s race, background, first language, or disability. She works tirelessly to ensure that policies in the schools she is charged with do not prevent or create barriers for student achievement and development.

    United Providence and the Providence Public School District is very fortunate to have an academic leader with the exceptional knowledge , values, beliefs, integrity, personal characteristics, and leadership skills of Dr. Sheri Miller-Williams.

    I enthusiastically congratulate her on her selection of Top 10 To Watch!!!

    Monday, January 14, 2013 Report this