The Final Frontier

Written in the Stars

The Ladd Observatory is the place to see the Transit of Venus


Did you dream of being an astronaut as a kid? Well, who isn’t fascinated by outer space and the unknown that is our solar system? Get ready: your chance to see the Transit of Venus will be on June 5, as the planet will move directly between the sun and Earth. It won’t happen again until 2117, so we can all count on missing that one. Take advantage of this (literally) once-in-a-lifetime experience at Brown University’s Ladd Observatory, which offers a free public viewing every Tuesday evening. If you’ve never utilized the great resource that is right here in town, this is the perfect excuse to do so. Take your love interest for some romantic stargazing, take the kids to learn about the world outside our planet, or go solo to enjoy the summer night sky. 210 Doyle Avenue, Providence. 401-863-2323