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Bourbon Street Providence returns for its second year


There are a lot of reasons bourbon is considered America’s “native spirit.” Most experts agree that “real” bourbon is only distilled in the United States, aged in charred oak barrels, and made from corn, the quintessential New World cereal grain. So an event like Bourbon Street Providence, now in its second year, generates a lot of pride – in the whiskey making itself, and among the skilled craftspeople who make spirits their trade.

At the same time, Bourbon Street is like a big party, with local and national distilleries showing off their bottles and a bazaar of Providence chefs flaunting their talents. Skilled mixologists will also be on hand to pour Rob Roys, Old Fashioneds, and a range of other whiskey based cocktails. Find out what entrees pair well with bourbon, whiskey,and scotch, and where you can find these meals locally, from Back 40 to Capital Grille. Organized by Jessica Hayes of the Rhode Island Convention Center, Bourbon Street returns for a second round of food and beverage showcases.

Revelry aside, there’s also a good cause: proceeds benefits Operation Stand Down Rhode Island, a service organization dedicated to helping military veterans find jobs and housing. Finally, you can also check out a small fleet of sleek luxury cars, as Bourbon Street is sponsored by BMW of Warwick. Bourbon Street Providence takes place November 8 at the RI Convention Center