What Election Night Parties Say About PVD's Political Candidates

How in touch were the candidates with their constituents? A party is worth a 1000 words


Every political candidate puts on a big production during an election night, and the most recent round of Rhode Island primaries is no exception. So how exactly did certain particpants celebrate their wins/aleviate their losses - we're thinking copious amounts of booze - and what does their choice of venue say about them?


GENERAL TREASURER (DEM) Seth Magaziner - Aurora Providence
Ah, the flyest new downtown dance spot. Makes sense for a young political freshman endorsed by the (arguably) "coolest" former POTUS. We only wish Bill Clinton had been there... twerking up a saxophone-infused celebratory storm.
GOV (DEM) Gina Raimondo - The Met
Located in the Hope Artiste Village, this choice could possibly be a middle finger to those who claim Raimondo is in it for the $$$ and is a huge supporter of Wall Street. The HAV is literally a haven for locally based artists/businesses/designers etc., so like, she's totally a small business supporter, right? Right.
GOV (GOP) Allan Fung - The Crowne Plaza (Warwick)
Since the Grand Old Party is less about change and more about respecting traditional American free market values, it makes sense that the Republican candidate chose to have his party in Warwick. Nothing says free-market 'Murica like strip malls and chain restaurants. Plus Warwick is so... concrete. Just like the GOP in their ways. Way to cement your win, Fung (see what we did there? Building material puns are fun).
PVD MAYOR (DEM) Jorge Elorza - Fete

Fete is a hep spot for Providence's hep cats and is known for hosting a plethora of relevant musicians and events. Get it? Elorza is trying to make sure everyone knows he’s cool! Did his youthful campaigners help him out here? Well, wise choice. You simply can't lose at a place called Fete... its name literally means celebration.


RI GOV (GOP) Ken Block - Finn's Harborside

The Barrington businessman and software engineer chose to have an electoral party at a seafood restaurant. How very Rhode Island. Unfortunatly, not Rhode Island enough to garner more votes.
RI GOV (DEM) Clay Pell - The Biltmore

How very... WASP-ish. And hey, rumor has it The Biltmore has a few ghosts roaming around. Maybe they possesed the electorate to NOT vote for Pell? Yup, that has to be the reason he lost.
PVD MAYOR (DEM) Michael Solomon - The Colosseum

Seriously? Holding your election party at a night club in Providence with an "interesting" reputation is perhaps not the smartest way to go. Too bad Solomon didn't have his soiree at the Foxy Lady, it might have given him a boost in ratings... among other things.


Vincent Cianci - G Pub at the Providence G
Even though Buddy is running as an Independent, thus he had nothing to win or lose in the primaries, he still had a party. Just because. He's BUDDY, after all. But instead of choosing to celebrate on the Providence G Rooftop (which is full of fresh air and light), he favored the G Pub, albeit a fun bar, but a bar located in an industrial-style basement space. Could this be a metaphor indicative of his politics? Hmm.