Welcome to the Dollhouse

A colorful collection makes for a quirky home


1. I’ve been collecting antiques for a long time. Just toys, little tchotchkes – it’s one of my favorite pastimes. I have this obsession for anything that’s brightly colored, fun, interesting. This cabinet is full of colorful dishes I’ve collected over the years, and a lot of my Dia de los Muertos and lucha libre figurines. With the dining room, I wanted to have one room that was all me. It helps keep me inspired.

2. I made this rainbow hair for a photo shoot. I was inspired by the designer Jeremy Scott, who had a dress made of rainbow hair in his Spring 2012 collection. I like the way the light illuminates the colors. Bright colors just draw me.

3. The Laurel and Hardy heads were a birthday gift from a good friend, because she knows I’m obsessed with any kind of characters.

4. I started to collect these masks for photo shoots. I just think they’re interesting. I really like them.

5. This was an oak table, but I painted it. Nothing is really new in this room. Either it’s vintage, or I found it and refinished it. The table on the right, Eric made. It was a sewing machine that he took apart and made into a table.

About the Homeowners
Corey Grayhorse, a photographer for Providence Monthly, Providence Pin-Up and her own Corey Grayhorse studio, has a thing for collecting unlikely treasures. Originally from Los Angeles, she lives with her husband Eric Pupecki and their daughter Cailee in Cranston.