View From the Top

A Downcity homeowner draws inspiration from abroad


About the Homeowner
Liz Glatzer is a recent transplant from New York who lives Downtown in the Peerless Lofts. Among other things, she authors AmusingBoomer.com. 

1. The atelier window was the absolute wow factor when I first saw this space. The views of Downtown Providence are incredible, and when the Superman building was lit at night, it was a real bonus.

2. That is one of many French advertising posters that I’ve collected over the past 20 years or so. Displaying them is one of the things I love about this space, and the graphics are extraordinary.

3. The coffee table has become a showcase for some objects collected during travel: from Santa Fe, Africa, Portugal, Italy, Greece. Bringing back these pieces of pottery was a way to bring some sort of artifact that reminded me of where I was.

4. I found these wrought-iron candlesticks in a flea market in New York.

5. The table is a rectory table from a church. It even came with pews that are now at my daughter’s house. When I bought my New York apartment in 1983, the previous owners had it in the space and I bought it from them. It’s just such an outstanding, oversized dining table.