The Write Stuff

Little Wing Lettering adds a personal touch in the age of e-vites


Joelle Kanter has always loved writing – the pen to paper kind. Years of calligraphy workshops, journal entries, and addressing envelopes for friends’ wedding invitations later, she turned her craft into a business: Little Wing Lettering.

The best way to describe her work is as a Pinterest lover’s dream: Perfectly swooping letters inked across colorful cardstock. The professional lettering service specializes in exquisite calligraphy for envelopes, place cards, and table numbers. “I love trying different styles, creating small works of art, and being involved in people’s celebrations,” Joelle says. She squeezes in calligraphy projects when she can, between working as a planner for RIPTA and being a full-time mom.

April is letter writing month, Joelle explains, so for the past few years she has partnered with Lore Collection to host the #Write_On challenge. This year, the event will take place on April 11. Participants will craft a letter – pen and cards provided – enjoy refreshments, and best of all, get their envelope addressed with a flourish by Joelle herself.