The Street that Speaks for Itself

A new walking tour of Wickenden Street history


Take a stroll through India Point Park and you can’t help but notice its colorful sea-themed mosaic mural. Have you ever wondered about the significance of the objects depicted on that stoneware wall? The Speaking of Wickenden audio walking tour sheds light on the historic neighborhood through a collection of vignettes told by Fox Point residents during interviews with Brown University students.

While the Wickenden Street we know today is bustling with shops, restaurants and watering holes, it wasn’t always this way. Many changes have happened since Irish laborers first settled in Fox Point during the 1820s. Grab your cell phone (aka your tour guide) and take a stroll down Wickenden to discover how forces such as weather and the economy have shaped the once peaceful area. There are 12 stops on the self-guided tour, which can be taken in any order. You can download a map online or just venture out on your own. Keep your eyes peeled for the posted street signs, which signify stops. Simply dial 415-0206 and then the stop number, followed by the # key. The tour runs between Benefit and Ives. Best of all, it’s free!