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The Redder the Better

The sisters behind How to Be a Redhead are starting a redheaded empire.


As a blonde, finding a book or magazine for my specific hair color has never been a problem. There always seems to be an actress or singer who is rocking my hair color in a stylish way that I have thought about copying a time or two. Redheads, unfortunately, don’t have this luxury, which is why Providence natives, bloggers and redhead experts Stephanie and Adrienne Vendetti have written their new book, How to Be a Redhead.  

How did you come you come up with the idea of a book for Redheads?
Adrienne: Growing up in a city where most girls [are] Portuguese or Italian and have a naturally beautiful, olive complexion was always tough, and Steph and I always felt different from everyone else having red hair and freckles. Stephanie was attending her last semester at [the] University of Miami, while I was in Boston in 2011 when we started as a website, How To Be A Redhead. After our website continued to grow larger and more successful in 2014 we were offered a book deal.

What was your favorite subject to write about? Fashion, makeup, hair or skincare?
Stephanie: Most fun to me, and I think Adrienne can agree, would have to be the hair tutorials. Kiera Doyle, who we attended La Salle Academy with, was our hair stylist. We got to play and see what hairstyles complemented our skin and our hair, and Kiera did an excellent job helping us accomplish that.

What is your favorite tip to give fellow redheads?
Adrienne: Our main focus is to be passionate about being a redhead and be proud of standing out. The best tip we have is to embrace your red head and all of its features.

What part of your book are you most excited for readers to read?
Adrienne: The most important part I am excited for readers to read about is confidence, and learning that being a redhead is beautiful. Also, there is a special section in the book to get special celebrity redhead looks that I think readers will enjoy.

How To Be A Redhead will be available in bookstores on April 12.