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The Healing Power of Pumpkin

Alayne White Spa uses plant technology for an all-natural, skin restoring boost


“It’s not a fluffy service,” Jenna, my aesthetician, explained to me, “but it gets results.” For a busy person with a spa habit (okay, maybe an addiction), that’s good news: when I do have an hour for a treatment, all I want is to get in, get out and get results. And that’s exactly what happened at Alayne White Spa, where I was about to get a Pumpkin Resurfacing Treatment, which, in one hour, would totally transform the way I looked.

Jenna was right when she said the treatment wasn’t a fluffy service. When I lay down on the table at the beginning of the hour, she placed warmed bags of soothing lavender on my mid-section and warm rocks in my hands as grounding elements, but that’s where the fluffy stuff stopped. The next hour was packed with potions by Glo Minerals that put my skin through a rigorous workout: cleansing with lactic acid, a smoothing enzyme peel, a resurfacing pumpkin exfoliant, and then a double mask of high-powered hydration and a soothing gel to calm the skin.

The idea of enzymes and peels – on your face, no less – can be scary before you have it done. It doesn’t hurt, though, or leave you red-faced. When the lights came back on, all I saw was clean, bright skin that really was glowing. I looked well-rested and full of energy, and after an hour of chilling out on the table, I felt that way, too. A swipe of Glo Minerals SPF 30 Tinted Moisturizer, and I was ready to go – but not before I booked myself two follow-up appointments, since the treatment can be done monthly, and I loved the results so much. I had gotten on the table at 5pm, and at 6pm, I was out the door, on the way to my next meeting, presenting a new face to the world.

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