The Power of Black

Talking personal style with a local blogger


When did you first realize you loved fashion and clothes?
Fashion became so magical to me growing up, watching Sailor Moon. She had this one wand that would change her into different disguises to empower herself. I always floated between different social groups, and clothes were there to help guide me through different identities until I compiled my own.

Why is black your favorite color to wear?
Some days, I may want to be hiding myself in black, with an oversized sweater, for my soft body days. I also have an all black sequin dress when I don’t want to be hiding. Black has a lot of power.

You always have the cutest shoes. Any advice, for those of us who aren’t savvy, for picking out the perfect pair?
I have Flintstone feet (wide). I do not compromise all of my comfort for my shoe choices. The Internet is my friend; look around, wait for something you can’t pass up that is made of quality. You want to dance holes in the soles. Lately, my favorite brands have been Bass, Franco Sarto and Doc Martens.

The transition from winter to spring is upon us. Any tips to make it through smoothly?
In New England, it’s all about the layering. Coming into spring, I like mixing white bottoms with brown on top, beiges with bold colors and mixing textures with something hard, like a leather or tweed, and with something soft, like draped knit or silk.

How does Providence influence your personal style?
Providence influences my style because I won’t know where I will be or end up. I need to be ready for assorted classes, shows and or bar fly action. The outfit I choose has to be versatile for all the above.

What do you wear that instantly makes you feel more confident?
Eyeliner: I have a basketball shaped head and those lines give me the definition I desire for my face.