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The New Friskie Fries Is Out of the Bag

Two storefronts, two food trucks, and topped fries galore


Friskie Fries started as a late-night hankering for some French fries. Today, Tom Wright and Randy D’Antuono own two food trucks and two storefronts, all serving fries heaped with toppings. In addition to their original location in Johnston, Friskie Fries opened their second location last November on Washington Street in downcity. Since their inception four years ago, Friskie Fries has steadily built a reputation for their best-in-class French fries and heavyweight flavor combinations, like the Cluck U (crispy chicken, buffalo sauce, blue cheese dressing and crumbles) and the Miss Potato Head (sour cream, smoked bacon, fresh chives, sharp cheddar). Wright and D’Antuono masterminded the whole menu themselves, and they have even more French fry goodness on the horizon. “We’re introducing The Wild Cat, [named] after the mascot for Johnson & Wales University. It’s going to be like cheeseburger French fries. We’ll also have a special order for St. Patrick’s Day.” St. Patrick’s Day weekend will mark the start of Friskie’s truck season, so customers (proudly called “Friskettes”) can expect to see their food trucks out and about in the greater Providence area soon.