The Look

The Look: Veatsna Sok

A former PM staffer and soon-to-be West Coast transplant talks about fashion and family


My personal style can be described as “preppy New Englander.” I try to choose pieces that are timeless, yet professional and casual. My color palette varies from dark cool to earth tones. I love the classic look of button down shirts with casual fitted slacks. It’s a professional look that’s versatile enough for me to kick back in. 

The outfit I have on is one of my favorites. I’m wearing a shirt from Gap, khakis from J.Crew and a pair of my favorite Clarks shoes. Despite my sense of fashion and my taste in stores, what’s most important is that I feel comfortable, confident and carefree. I hate to admit it, but I’ve become one of those parents who really likes to match with their child. While my daughter Maly and I don’t match exactly, I do like to make sure we have the same color scheme on.

I’m excited to move with my family to California for a new job, but I’m sad to leave this town and my graphic designer position at Providence Media. Providence will always be my home. There are so many memories that this beautiful little city has given me. It’s beauty, liberalism and diversity is like no other. I’ll miss all the good eats for sure. My best work memory was my first holiday party. It was nice being able to see everyone outside of work in a different environment. I remember purchasing a poor gift for the Yankee Swap – a bear tissue box – and I felt really bad for the recipient. At least we all had fun and had a good laugh.