The Look: Joseph Phommasith

Fashion and creativity with heart


Tell us more about your look here.
It’s my don’t-have-a-meeting-today-but-just-in-case look. Staying relaxed, but ready. I do this with a Black Scale Ulai shirt from Sneaker Junkies on Thayer (much love to my fellow small-biz owner, Bilal), J. Crew jacket, Marc Allen pocket square, Benrus watch on my wrist and leather Nike Air Royals on my feet – also from Sneaker Junkies.

How would you describe your personal style?
I’ve heard edgy, urban and even preppy. To me, it’s all about adaptability. Having versatility to present at an 8am board meeting, direct an on-site taping in the afternoon, write on the office sofa and hit the town that same night.

How does your work attire differ from your non-work?

Out of college, it was suit and tie, M-F. My attitude’s evolved since starting JaiCG in 2012. Now, I strive to look “professional” but not stiff. It’s what you do and produce that matters – which is how we think at JaiCG. Taking what exists and challenging ourselves to make it our own, or do it better. It’s not being rebellious; it’s just refusing to blindly conform. That’s how true authenticity happens.

What does Jai mean? 
Jai is a Laotian word for “heart.” Jai is also one of my three adorable nieces. JaiCG is short for Jai Communications Group. We’re selective of the organizations we work with because having heart in what you do is possible only when you believe in it.

What’s your favorite season in Rhode Island? What do you look forward to wearing?
A tie between summer and winter. I have a collection of Kobe 9 sneakers in different colorways. For colder climates, I have multiple J. Crew coats and limited edition Timberlands that make me feel like an astronaut/arctic Alaskan.

Why Providence?

Grow Smart RI‘s Scott Wolf often says, “RI has many strengths and untapped potential.” I 100% agree, and believe that JaiCG is helping to unleash that in our own special way. For a more visual response, check out our #ShareCommunity campaign for Grow Smart RI.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?
Being in the creative space, work never really stops. A billboard in Boston or a musical score from a movie can spark inspiration. Good people make me happy. ESPN’s First Take is enlightening. Therapy comes from boxing, scratching on my turntables (I DJ’ed from seventh grade through college), wings and potato chips.