The Look

The Key to Creative Style

Caroline Stevens on dressing up for dreary days and jewelry as decor


Though you’ll sometimes find me in a pair of pants, more often than not I’m wearing a dress, and I don’t recall a time in my life when that wasn’t the case. Dresses are both comfortable and classy. I keep my dresses simple and bold, which allows me to keep the focus more on my jewelry. From stacks of Bakelite bracelets to piles of turquoise and antique earrings handed down to me from my mother, I have enough jewelry to fill a (small) closet. My jewelry is not only my personal decor, but also the main decor of my bedroom – I just can’t get enough! 

When the weather turns dreary, I turn up the color in my wardrobe. In the colder months, you’ll catch me around town in a neon red coat, and when it rains I pop out my rainbow-colored umbrella. Together, it’s a bit much, but that’s never stopped me.

I’m all about vintage clothing stores, like The Vault Collective and Carmen & Ginger for clothes, or antique malls and stores such as White Star Antiques. I like a good treasure hunt and Providence has no shortage of gems to find. 

Behind every door in the city is a story that’s still being written. My passion is finding creative ways to tell these stories and connect people to the places at the heart of our city. This was what inspired me to start Doors Open Rhode Island and plan our first citywide open house festival in Providence this past fall. Now, I’m continuing along this same vein in my work as the executive director of the RI Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. Though Providence is a small city, I’ll never stop finding new exciting places to explore, people to meet, and stories to hear.