The Influencer: Bill Keough

Musician, songwriter, and photographer Bill Keough on the perfect leather jacket, T-shirts that make people laugh, and what inspires him about making music in Providence


“My personal style is nothing too complicated – consistency is my mantra. I like to cut a sharp, edgy figure so mostly wear blacks and grays. My leather jacket is like my second skin – find one unique in style with a cool looking collar and don’t let go of it. The standard Tee or long sleeve three-button Henley depending on the temperature and occasion and Levi’s slim-fit jeans with a tapered leg in black or grey are my go-tos. I do have a red pair of jeans that I drop in once in a while, which always draws comments. I wear a pair of Doc Martens until they have been worn out completely before going to the next pair. 

"I always try to mix in T-shirts that will start conversations with complete strangers. T-shirts based on the periodical table are great for that. ‘I Nap Periodically’ never fails to draw smiles while waiting in line for coffee.

I’ve loved music since I was old enough to drop a needle on a record and started going to see shows regularly when a teenager. Coming of age in the late ‘70s to early ‘80s was a blessing for sure. I got my start in the business by playing in bands with people I met, and over time became interested in promoting all the music I loved, which led to a lengthy stretch on the business end of it all. 

Providence is such a treasure trove of unique beauty; around every corner is found art. While gathering clips for my recent video ‘Gentle Smile’, I dropped by the 10,000 Suns project over by the Point Street Bridge thinking shots of all those majestic sunflowers swaying in the breeze would be a great addition. I was so drawn in by the exhibit’s vibe that it became the focus of the music video.”