Year In Review

The Best New Food Trucks of 2013

Our completely legitimate list of this year's best food trucks


While at first it could have become another fizzled cupcake-like trend, the food truck scene just keeps rolling and getting better. Here are our favorites that debuted this year:

Sushi Awesome Go! Go!
Must-try dish: Fugu Liver Dangerous! Delicious! Spicy Roll with Hot
Where to find: On Twitter @!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Uncle Nuryev’s Pilaf Yurt
Fun fact: Although the genial, eccentric Uncle Nuryev has quickly become a beloved character on College Hill, it’s widely suspected that he’s actually wanted for war crimes back in his native Uzbekistan
Where to find: My friend, my friend, my friend, look here – good food, pretty girls!

The Sweetest Touch Windowless Candy Van
Fun fact: Kids are always welcome to come inside the van where they can pet puppies and play video games
Where to find: Exactly 1000 feet from the nearest elementary school

West Side GOdega
Popular items: Beef empanadas, arroz con pollo, salami, blunt wraps, toilet paper, scratch tickets, looseys, condoms, phone cards, Santeria candles, bootleg DVDs of The Avengers
Where to find: Dexter Park during kickball games

Wings Over Mordor
Must-try dish: The Fellowship of the Wing, a monstrous 16-wing sampler platter, including flavors like Balrog’s Blazin’ Buffalo Wings and The Shire’s Famous Ale Batter, with a side of Magical Elf Bread
Where to find: Look to its coming at first light on the fifth day, at dawn look east

Bro-tastic Cock Punch
Must-try dish: Slammin’ Tequila Lime Wasabi Tuna Burger Shooters with Mango Habañero Bacon BBQ Sauce and S’More Crumbles, served in a Bloody Mary
Where to find: Where are the drunk chicks at, bro?

Fun fact:
Whatever… we’re so over this
Where to find: Ugh, if you have to ask…

Fat Lou’s Mobility Scooter
Insider tip:
Mondays are all-you-can-eat pulled pork and glazed donut nacho night
Where to find: The parking lot of the Stop & Shop on Branch Ave.