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Shaidzon Beer Co. sets up shop in West Kingston


Locals Josh Letourneau and Chip Samson have long been beer lovers. After graduating from the American Brewer’s Guild in 2009, Letourneau amassed over eight years of professional brewing experience at reputable breweries including Mayflower and Grey Sail. Meanwhile, Samson developed a passion and understanding for the business of brewing during the years he spent living on the West Coast. Their combined expertise led them to launch Shaidzon Beer Co. in a newly redone space inside the Arnold Lumber Complex, in West Kingston. The brewery opened its doors in November and is currently offering six meticulously crafted brews on tap. Some beer selections are inspired by Letourneau’s global travels, such as their London Dungeon (a London porter) and the Buffalo Czech (a Czech-style pilsner). Check online for more information about special events and new beer releases.