Dining Out

That's Cheesy

A childhood favorite hits the road


The local food truck scene continues to grow this month with the addition of a cheddar cheese yellow 1976 Chevy P30 that will be dispensing yet another fun, comfort food favorite that’s good on the go: grilled cheese. Fancheezical hit the road on February 18 and will be making the usual rounds of Downcity, farmer’s markets, college campuses and special events. Co-owner Guy Shaffer promises lots of familiar and creative takes on the classic, including organic, vegan and gluten-free versions, and imported and artisanal cheeses – “Everything from nouveau-gourmet to the kind your Mom used to make,” he notes, adding, “Plus some delicious takes on tomato soup.”

The truck itself rolls into town with a storied past. The old Chevy spent years as the canteen truck for a fire department in New Hampshire, so it’s no stranger to dispensing comfort food to hungry crowds. Later, it became the delivery truck for an organic farm on Martha’s Vineyard. After a ferry ride back to the mainland and a complete renovation – including four coats of cheddar cheese yellow paint – it’s ready to take on a new life.

Fancheezical will offer thoughtfully made classics like the Old School, which melts sharp cheddar blended with Colby jack and a pinch of asiago onto crusty Italian bread, as well as more gussied up versions like the BBQ, with pulled pork and a secret cheese blend on rye. There will also be daily specials and, of course, you can build your own from a range of fixings: several kinds of cheese, including vegan options; six kinds of bread; toppings like bacon, ham, jalapenos and pesto.

So why does the food truck trend just keep rolling? “More than ever we are a mobile society in high-gear, and even though many of us are on tight budgets we still have to eat,” says Shaffer. “Our niche is healthy, comfort food that’s still fast and affordable – the best of both worlds.”