Ten Prime's Perfect Pear

The venerable steak and sushi restaurant mixes a mean, seasonal martini


Classics know classics. Ten Prime, a venerable steakhouse and sushi restaurant, has become shorthand for “classic” during its nearly unrivaled run. (It’s landline number is 453-BEEF, people. C’mon.) Few businesses in its corner of the city have had as much lasting power, or as much enduring popularity. More than that, Ten consistently hits its marks, like Meryl Streep cutting it up on set after all these years. “Where do you want me to stand? Okay, sure. Watch me nail it, again. Kisses!”

We asked this venerable institution to share a cocktail with us – something geared for this time of year, when we’re still stuck with winter for a while but very much over it. They offered something fresh and clean, a pear martini to be exact, which brings winter fruit to the party.

Pear and vodka are a timeless match. It just works, period, and is especially timely in late winter, reflective of long traditions in Europe (and later, in America) of infusing clear liquors like vodka with pear as a way of extending the fruit’s

At Ten, they base their drink upon Grey Goose La Poire vodka, which comes infused and sidesteps homework for anyone who wants to get straight to cocktailing. We’ve included infusion instructions for anyone who wants a project.
They also go an extra mile by adding St. Germain, white cranberry juice and an Asian Pear sake that doubles up the pear factor.

Ten Prime Steak & Sushi
55 Pine Street