Style Profile: Thuy Dao

Versatile looks with a bejeweled twist


How do you describe your personal style?
I would say ‘versatile.’ I enjoy switching up my looks and creating different outfits with the same pieces. I have rocked everything from combat boots and studs to floral print and leather. The way I dress is a reflection of the way I’m feeling on a particular day. I don’t allow where I’m going or what occasion I’m dressing for to be the only deciding factor when I’m choosing my outfits. My style is my style alone. It’s sporty, rebellious, chic, flattering – and above all, it’s versatile!

What do you never leave home without?
No matter what I wear, I will never leave home without jewelry. Whether it’s a pair of studs, some bangles or jeweled bib, every outfit isn’t complete without some jewels.

Tell me about your outfit.
This outfit is something I would wear on a date night or dinner with friends. The sweater is from H&M. I love how colorful it is. The jeans are from Zara. I’m currently obsessed with jeans with zippers. I like the extra detail they give. The studded pumps are also from Zara. My sister Betty sent them to me for my birthday last year. The watch is from Tourneau. It’s pretty cool because I’ve been looking for a gold watch for a few months but couldn’t find one that I liked. Last month I attended a company event and won it as a door prize. It was the perfect color, face and size! The other bracelets I’m wearing are a part of my line. My arm candy always contains chains mixed with different textures.

Tell us a little about your jewelry line.
I love a lot of color and I love gold. You will hardly see any silver pieces from me, and if you do there is more than likely something gold hanging from it. I strive to design jewelry that is unique, simple, stylish and affordable. And I only create pieces that I would wear myself.

Where do you get your inspiration for your designs?
From anything and everywhere. It can be something as simple as the color of the sky or the pattern in a painting. I frequent flea markets in search of old pieces. There’s something amazing about finding forgotten old jewelry and recreating them into totally different pieces. Craft fairs are amazing because it gives me an opportunity to be around other creative people and pull energy from them. I also visit craft stores like Jo-Ann or Michaels. The great thing about designing is you can use pretty much use anything to make jewelry.

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