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Style Profile: Haley Star

Haley Star, drag queen extraordinaire and YouTube celebrity, introduces PVD to the world


Glambassador might just be the best job title.
You hit the wig on the head! Being the Glambassador for the CVB is one of the most exciting ventures I’ve had. I collaborate with them on projects throughout the year, in order to ensure those visiting this wonderful city of ours know everything there is about the LGBT scene. Many of us who live here know the ins-and-outs, but out-of-towners are usually wary of asking questions. That’s where my fabulous Glambassador skills come into play!

How do you define glamour?
Glamour is really how you individually interpret it. Style is something that has no boundaries whatsoever, so making an outfit your own is truly a fun task. Whether your style is muted, classic, campy or over-the-top you really can’t go wrong with a pop of color. Summer is all about brightening up your wardrobe. Add a flower in your hair, use a chain belt as a necklace... think outside the box!

You’re a bonafide YouTube star. What do your followers say about you?

With two million views, it is amazing to think of how many people I have reached around the world. My followers tweet about how much of an inspiration I am to them and how I have impacted their lives. While I am so grateful for their words, I just preach the truth – be yourself and have no regrets. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Live your life with no fears, because being who you are is what will truly make you happy in life.

Tell us more about your gorgeous dress.

This is by far one of my favorite pieces. My grandmother gave me a pair of her earrings from the ‘50s, and it was my mission to find a dress that had the exact shade of blue. The dress is vintage ‘70s by Oleg Cassini.

How many wigs do you have?
Last time I checked I had over 50 different wigs, but there are about a dozen that are my go-to’s. I like to mix up styles, colors and lengths all the time.

Besides YouTube, where can we find you?
You can find me on Twitter and Instagram (@ MsHaleyStar) or like my fan page on Facebook. You can see me performing in the monthly Saturday night Drag Extravaganza at The Dark Lady, at AIDS Care Ocean State’s Gay Bingo on the third Thursday of every month or at just about any bar stool surrounded by friends.