Single Screen Roundup

A mid-life crisis and a canine revenge flick are this weekend's indie cinema Vin Diesel and bloated CG budget.


Avon Cinema | Jane Pickens Theater
While We’re Young, the latest from director Noah Baumbach follows middle-aged couple Josh and Cornelia Srebnick, two reluctant adults who wistfully look back on the spontaneity and excitement of how things used to be. Enter Jaime and Darby, a young couple in their 20’s who exude all the qualities and lifestyle the Srebnicks wish they still had: free-flowing, untethered, passionate (and incredibly hipster-cool). Soon Josh and Cornelia befriend the younger couple and begin to unfold the layers of adulthood that have cemented around their youthful spirits. Starring Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts as the Srebnicks, Adam Driver and Amanda Seyfried as Jamie and Darby, and Ad Rock. Yes, that Ad Rock. 


Cable Car Cinema
After a harsh tax is put in place over dogs of mixed breeding, pounds are over run and dogs are abandoned in the street. Hagen, one such adandoned pooch, joins a well organized pack of strays who eventually revolt againt the humans who discarded them. Like Planet of the Apes without the special effects or Charlton Heston's over acting, White God is a cautionary parable wrapped in a furry, cinematic coat. Something tells me these dogs will go from adorable to terrifying pretty quick.