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Simple But Interesting Style

Local clothing brand owners and designers talk fashion


What's Always Starving?
Scott (left): Always Starving is a clothing company that started about four months ago. We've been friends for a long time and had some success a year ago with a Bruins-themed shirt and decided to get back to creating shirts this past summer. Currently, we are focusing on making quality t-shirts that have classic style without being too plain. It's a hard balance to strike: Simple, but interesting. We design everything locally and the tees are screen printed locally. We have a pocket tee waiting in the wings; the pocket fabric was made in the US then sewn right here in Providence at Kreatelier on Hope Street. 

Tell me about your personal style.
Chris (right): I like clothes that are brighter in color and stand out. Our first line features some bright and bold color choices and that made it a great summer release. Scott: When I started designing the first Always Starving line, I was really into heavily graphic tees and I think that really came through in three tees we released. Lately I've been looking for tees that are more versatile, that you can dress up, layer or wear on their own. Something that is simple but interesting - I think that's really important right now.

Where can we get it?
You can visit us at We have our tees up there and a small blog that we are just starting. We are looking to get into some brick and mortar shops within the next year.

What's the best piece of fashion advice you ever got?
Chris: The only fashion advice I can recall ever getting was a few weeks ago when I showed up at Scott's house. He yelled at me for never wearing a watch. Scott: I've never been given any fashion advice, but I can give you a quote that I've enjoyed as of late, it's from Cary Grant: “Simplicity, to me, has always been the essence of good taste.” That has been ringing in my head as I approach the designs for our collection to be released in the late fall.