Shirodhara Therapy Certification

Shirodhara Therapy This is an ancient oil therapy from Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a time-proven, evidence-based holistic medical system of self-healing. This is potentially one of the most …

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Shirodhara Therapy

This is an ancient oil therapy from Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a time-proven, evidence-based holistic medical system of self-healing. This is potentially one of the most "spiritually awakening" therapies on the planet and it is one of Karyn's most favorite therapies to give to her clients. It raises consciousness, bliss, peace, removes stress and so much more. Even the practitioner receives the benefits when they GIVE the treatment! The treatment will be demonstrated using oils, however students will practice this therapy using water.

Anyone can come. You don't have to be a healer or massage therapist. All students will give and receive the therapy as well as be presented with a demonstration of how this therapy is given properly. This particular shirodhara therapy is very unique because it incorporates heated and chilled sea stones to help harmonize and ground the clients during this very uplifting therapy. It helps pacify the "internal wind" we all carry around from stress. Karyn also uses stones in the oil to help regulate the temperature of the oil, as well as infuse the prana from the ocean that is within the matrix of each stone. My Facebook friends get 10% off the tuition! Friend me on FB under Karyn Chabot. Please prepare to have some fun!


Eliminates diseases of head and disorders affecting neck, eyes, ears, nose and nervous system.

Balances the third eye and stimulates the nervous system by releasing neuro-hormones and creating ecstatic feelings of relaxation and pleasure.

Helps overcome stress and its ill effects on nervous system

Helps relieve insomnia, fatigue, tension, anxiety, anger, chronic headaches, rheumatism, hypertension, asthma, hair problems and stress

Gives great mental relaxation

Invigorates the body and mind and stimulate cognitive memories.

Disperses negative electrical impulses that accumulate at the skull and hairline from stress.

Renews the sweetness of life.

Rejuvenates the entire face and softens worry lines.

Opens the third eye.

Heightens the senses.

Increases intuition.

Activates the pituitary gland.

Increases spiritual awareness.

Regulates mood and depression disorders.

Activates the memory.

Stimulates the 6 & 7th charka which regulates our breathing patterns.

“One who applies oil on his head regularly does not suffer from headache, baldness, graying of hair, nor does his hair fall. Strength of his head and forehead is especially enhanced; his hair becomes black, long and deep-rooted; his sense organs work properly; the skin of his face becomes brightened; applying oil on the head produces sound sleep and happiness.”

Ayurvedic physician Charaka, in the first text on Ayurveda, written over 2,000 years ago.

This therapy is an excellent addition to your massage or healing practice. It includes marma massage of the face, head, neck, shoulders and feet. This ancient therapy enlivens the “mind” or innate intelligence that lives in every cell in our body. It is a mind-melting experience, where it clears away negative thoughts by dispersing the negative electrical impulses that accumulate at our foreheads form overthinking and stress. It is one of the only therapies that assists in raising consciousness, allowing for spiritual and cellular activations within the physiology. These spiritual heights can also be reached during deep meditation.

Karyn will lead the class through the concepts, theory, benefits, precautionary measures and a demonstration of shirodhara therapy and a guided stone harvest on the first day. On the second day of class, students will have the chance to practice and receive shirodhara therapy through a guided practicum forum with Karyn. Shirodhara therapy involves a controlled flow of warm oil is gently poured over the “Ajna” or third eye chakra. The oil then streams down the crown chakra, which magnifies the senses, awakens the body’s natural healing process, reverses imbalances within the body, rejuvenates the face and renews the sweetness of life Shirodhara is one of the most unique therapies available for reducing stress and enhancing cellular intelligence and immunity.

Please Note: To become an effective shirodhara therapist, it takes devotion, practice and more practice. The motivation to learn shirodhara therapy must come from your heart. It is not a therapy you can learn in a few days and become an expert, nor is this a therapy you should water- down in order to make make more money in your spa. This is a very sacred, profound art that takes lots of time and dedication to learn.

Event Dates
Saturday, September 8, 2018 through Sunday, September 9, 2018
Event Location
The Newport Massage School at S.A.M.A.
855 Waterman Ave, Ste B
East Providence, RI
Karyn Chabot,