Rhody Gem: March 2020

Loop by Loop – The Bay Magazine


We’re on the hunt for Rhody Gems! Every neighborhood has that secret, hidden, cool and unusual, or hole-in-the-wall spot that locals love. Email or tag us on social media using #RhodyGem to suggest yours, and we might just feature it!


What it is:

A fiber arts studio specializing in the art of rug hooking, you will find all the supplies, kits, wool, and tools you need to hook your own rug, as well as cozy pillows and home decor with punchy wool designs. Don’t be intimidated if you’re new to textiles – the kits are perfect for beginners, and studio owner Haley Perry is eager to help you get started!


Where to find it:

Housed among other artists’ studios in Cutler Mills, find Loop by Loop Studio at the top of the stairs on the second floor when you come through the tower entrance. You can visit on Wednesdays or by appointment.


What makes it a Rhody Gem?

Rug hooking is something of an underappreciated art form, despite how easy and relaxing it is to pick up – made even easier (and fun!) thanks to Haley’s instruction in classes for both kids and adults. Liz and Kristin of neighboring fiber arts biz Meraki Studio agree that “Hayley of Loop by Loop Studio not only has a gift for her family craft of rug hooking, but she has curated one of the most extensive wool collections around.” Take a few minutes to learn the basic stitch and you’ll be hooked!


Loop by Loop Studio30 Cutler Street, Suite 216A, Warren • 401-245-2245