The Look

The Look: Joshua Brown

Classic New England fashion meets good taste with this Providence restaurateur


I guess I would say my style is rooted in classic New England fashion themes. If I’m at a restaurant doing a photo shoot, I like to be comfortable but still maintain a certain level of professionalism. Other days in the office can vary from donning a suit to a casual day of jeans and sneakers. The outfit I’m wearing is a good representation of what I would wear to work on a given day. The pants are from Brooks Brothers, the shirt and sweater are from J.Crew. The boots are Alden. The watch is Paul Smith, which was a gift from my wife many years ago. I try to invest in certain pieces like the boots, which I’ll have for decades and can pass down. Hopefully my son ends up with the same size feet.

I’ve been with Newport Restaurant Group for 16 years. It was my first job out of college. As an employee owned company, we all pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our guests, from our culinary teams, to our waitstaff and management. I’m grateful that I get to play a part in the overall guest experience from a creative and brand perspective.

My favorite place in Rhode Island is, without question, the RISD Museum. My parents would take me as a child and now my wife and I take the kids regularly. And nothing beats a post-visit stroll down Benefit Street in the fall. Shopping wise, I’m a fan of Civil and Sneaker Junkies. Marc Allen has great bespoke pieces for dressier occasions. And while not fashion related, my love of letter writing and correspondence is a key part of my personality. If not designing my own, I hit up Craftland for unique stationery.