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The Belgian Waffle Invasion

The Burgundian is bringing waffles to new levels of deliciousness


“When I first tried a Liege waffle,” Shane Matlock says, “it left me wondering why we in the US had never had this deliciousness.” Fast forward some years, and his business, The Burgundian: Coffee and Waffles, is bringing a new kind of European delicacy to Rhode Island.

Unlike batter-based Belgian waffles, which are called “Brussels waffles” in Europe, the Burgundian’s brioche-based Liege waffles are day-to-night street food, suited to creative toppings both sweet and savory, like The Sweet Rhody – topped with Dave’s Coffee Milk mascarpone whipped cream, Borealis Coffee espresso fudge drizzle, and Bellicchi’s Best cocoa nib biscotti – or the Hash-Tag waffle – a chorizo bacon plantain hash with queso fresco and a crema drizzle. “They’re often eaten with beer, or after a heavy dose of Belgian beer, which is why I’ve been popping up at breweries,” Matlock says. “Sort of a ‘do as the Belgians do.’” The Burgundian and its Liege waffles will be at the Hope Artiste Village Wintertime Farmers Market on February 10 and 24.