Election 2014

East Side Monthly’s Statewide Endorsements

Find out who we're endorsing in the 2014 election


For Governor
Gina Raimondo (D)
It’s finally time for the State’s long overdue first Woman Governor. Gina’s the real deal, having showcased her abilities with her pension plan which has saved us millions already. Then she’s demonstrated her negotiating skills by helping sell it to the General Assembly. This coupled with her business background and job creation success make this choice an easy one. (As a footnote, we think Bob Healey really does have some interesting things to say if you can just get beyond the beard).

For Lt. Governor
Catherine Taylor (R)
With her years of work for John Chafee in Washington (and later Linc as well), Catherine Taylor has seen first hand how seeking solutions in the middle can work. She has functioned well in her recent position as head of the state’s Elderly Affairs department demonstrating her ability to work with both sides of the aisle. She will make a great partner to Gina, regardless of party affiliation, and hopefully will be a calm, moderating voice towards creating a Republican party in Rhode Island that is more reflective of progressive social values.

For Treasurer
Ernest Almonte (I)
While Seth Magaziner has brought enthusiasm and some new thinking to what the role of State Treasurer could be, he does lack the serious experience that would be useful in handling the billions in our pension fund. Ernest Almonte has an impeccable reputation and a resume that has earned him the status as one of Accounting Today’s Top 100 Most Influential People in the Accounting Profession. More than that he has worked in state government doing audit work for the General Assembly for decades so he can negotiate the local political waters comfortably. He’s not flashy. But he knows the job and doesn’t seem to want it as a stepping-stone to anywhere else. .

For Secretary of State

Nellie Gorbea (D)
Her victory over a well-financed opponent in the primary caught every one by surprise. But it shouldn’t have. Nellie is a proven winner and enjoys impeccable reputation in the community. The former head of Housing Works RI, Nellie has already served as the Deputy Secretary of State from 2002-2006. If elected, Nellie will be the first Latina elected to statewide office in New England. She’s a rising star, but who has earned her success every step of the way.

For Attorney General
Dawson Hodgson (R)
Though a legislator not well known on the East Side, Hodgson is certainly well respected by the watchdogs who keep track of these sorts of things. Common Cause ranked him #1 on good government issues when he was a legislator. Having worked in the Attorney General’s office for five years, he comes with prosecutorial experience. The current office holder, Peter Kilmartin, has none. This coupled with his over 20 years in the State Legislature, often in leadership positions, is troubling when issues like 38 Studios arise. Hodgson would seem a safer selection as his replacement.