Providence, You Rock

CRC distributes new album to PVD


Last month you read about the local music magic happening upstairs at the Columbus Theatre. This past weekend we celebrated the official launch of the Columbus Recording Company, distributing our debut release, Vudu Sister’s Household Items, to our neighbors and local business owners around town. I fell so head over heels in love writing my article, I’m now very proud to be a part of the CRC family. Like all things CRC, it seemed organic and serendipitous.

There’s nothing quite like seeing a homegrown, hard-worked idea come to life, and last weekend when Jeff and I packed the van with our Columbus and Met School-crafted and local vendor paired CRC boxes filled with an album that epitomizes that very same sincerity, we were elated. We spent the day hand delivering the boxes and visiting friends, some new, some old, and all united to connect Providence’s creative community and nurture our locally-produced music. These are the people that have made the CRC concept possible, and the support is truly a testament to our city. Next time you stop to get pizza at Nice Slice or coffee at White Electric, grab a gift at Frog and Toad, Small Circle or Craftland, or browse books at Symposium, Ada or Paper Nautilus, check out their new CRC displays and say thanks for us. I for one have never been so proud to call Providence home.

You can find CRC albums at the following local shops. Stay tuned for more homegrown and hand-crafted music coming your way.

ADA Books, Analog Underground,  Armageddon Shop,  B Sharp,  Civil Providence, Coffee Exchange,  Craftland, DASH Bicycle, Empire Guitars,  Fertile Underground Grocery,  Frog and Toad,  Ivy Tavern,  Local 121, Nice Slice Pizzeria, Nick-A-Nee's, Olympic Records,  Paper Nautilus Books,  Pie in the Sky, Queen of Hearts/Modern Love,  Rocket To Mars, Small Circle, Symposium Books (Westminster St), Symposium Books (Thayer St), Trinity Brewhouse, What Cheer Antiques & Vintage, White Electric