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Providence featured in Crimetown Podcast

Providence's mob residency may be familiar with its mob heritage.


Providence’s mob legacy may be familiar to residents, particularly those old enough to remember the, for lack of a better phrase, good old days of mob rule. But it’s a fascinating legacy to revisit. Take The Last Good Heist – published earlier this year – an outstanding piece of pulp non-fiction that looks at the players behind a local $32 million jewel heist in the ‘70s.

Our less than reputable past is about to get another high profile examination with the new podcast, Crimetown. Created by the producers behind HBO’s true crime miniseries Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst, Crimetown will follow in the footsteps of podcasts like Serial, where each season will dive deep into a specific topic. For their first season, for better or worse, they chose Providence.

A short, obscenity-laced teaser released last month hinted at a wildly addicting listen, complete with plenty of mobsters with thick New England accents, crooked cops, murder, mayhem and the delivery of a box simply labeled “Buddy Tapes” that leaves producers Marc Smerling and Zac Stuart-Pontier audibly stunned. They may not be the city’s proudest moments, but damned if we won’t be listening every week. Crimetown premiered on November 20, with new episodes due out weekly. Stream Crimetown on iTunes and Spotify.