Pop Go the Polls: Yacht Club Soda Predicts the Election

Who will win?


We turn now to Yacht Club Soda, our official state soda – as any reputable news outlet does – for an early Election Day forecast, based on their super scientific Soda Pop Poll. If their numbers are to be believed, November 8 is going to be a truly bottleneck-and-neck race.

Back in August, Yacht Club released two limited edition flavors – Hillary’s Liberal Limeade and Donald’s Populist Punch – to gauge public opinion of the two major party candidates. “I was watching the debates and they kept talking about polls and it struck me. We should do this,” says Yacht Club owner/pollster John Sgambato. Based on the data as of October 3, it would appear that Trump has a slight edge on Hillary with 20,352 bottles sold over her 20,184.

As far as third party candidates go, Yacht Club’s Sarsaparilla is standing in for Libertarian Gary Johnson (3,768 bottles sold), while the Green Party’s Jill Stein is probably best represented as a bottle of kombucha. Who are we kidding, Stein would kill for kombucha’s numbers.