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Oh My Gourd: Pumpkin Spice is Back

Get your pumpkin fix in Providence with everything from pumpkin lattes and cocktails to artisanal donuts and ravioli


It is impossible to get enough pumpkin during the fall season. This year the Providence restaurant scene is shaking things up by putting a spin on the classics and creating new dishes. 

PVDonuts is constantly working on R&D to bring us the latest, most exotic flavors from the donut world. Not only have they brought us the vegan cereal donut, but this fall they’ve provided us with the ultimate way to satisfy a pumpkin craving: the Brioche Pumpkin Chai Donut. If that name alone doesn’t make your mouth water, these donuts are made in house, no machines involved, and set to rise for 24 hours.  

Is there anywhere better than somewhere cozy to enjoy a taste of fall? Of course, Duck and Bunny has the classic Pumpkin Chai, but they don’t stop there. If you’re craving something savory, they’re serving a pumpkin and mascarpone cheese cupcake. Not in the mood for dessert? They’ve got you covered with vegan pumpkin pancakes for breakfast. You don’t want breakfast either? They also have pumpkin ravioli for dinner. To reiterate, pumpkin really has gone wild this year.

Revival Brewing Co. says that their Bushido Pumpkin Ale, “slay[s] all pumpkin beers” with pumpkin, rose hops, ginger, and lemongrass. It’s fermented with Saki and Octoberfest yeast.

Hemenway’s has its pumpkin martini to offer complete with Stoli Vanilla Vodka, Kahlua and Fulton’s Pumpkin Liqueur and finished off with espresso.

The Village may be the place to party at night but don’t forget to satisfy your pumpkin craving here too. Their Shipyard Pumpkin Draft beer is perfect for any time of day. Swing by Wednesday night trivia and have a little fun while you enjoy a taste of fall.

White Electric serves up some of the best blends of New Harvest coffee on Westminster Street and will celebrate the season by offering Pumpkin spice lattes, while over on the East Side, Malachi's pumpkin spice latte is paired to perfection with their pumpkin muffin to dip in latte.